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'Best of class' healthcare: delivering high quality care which meets identifed need

Monday, 12 December 2016

'Best of class' healthcare: delivering high quality care which meets identifed need

What is the best way to deliver consistent, high quality, evidence-based healthcare which meets identified community need?

Of course, there is more than one correct answer to this question. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to how healthcare should be delivered to ensure it’s efficient, effective and meets the needs of consumers.

There is also no approach which will remain perfect forever. The healthcare industry must retain its ability to adapt its provision of care as it responds to changes in funding, an aging population, and the prevalence of disease.

For an organisation such as Mater—a complex network of hospitals and associated facilities across several campuses—our approach is centred on delivering outstanding experiences for those who access our services.

It is this focus on exceeding the expectations of our consumers which differentiates ‘best of class’ healthcare providers from their competitors.

Mater has long been renowned as a leading healthcare provider, and we remain committed to maintaining this position—which is why, earlier this year, we reorientated our clinical leadership structures to align with defined clinical streams.

The transition from a facility-led healthcare organisation to a clinical stream model is one which will allow for the provision of services across the care continuum, ensuring our patients’ needs are addressed consistently, therefore supporting the delivery of low-variability, evidence-based, high quality healthcare.

We have established five clinical streams, each led by a Medical Director, supported by a Director of Nursing and Director of Business—combining clinical and business expertise to ensure both exceptional clinical outcomes and an outstanding patient experience—while maintaining clear differentiation between our public and private services.

Our streams have been structured to streamline clinical leadership and governance, and enhance our existing capabilities across cancer, medical/chronic diseases, mothers, babies and women’s health, neurosciences and surgical/acute care.

By reorientating clinical leadership structures to align with these defined streams, we have created an accountable approach to how we deliver care, and an approach which supports an enhanced, consistent journey for our patients.

By evolving how we deliver our care, we have ensured we remain ‘best in class’ in our constantly changing healthcare environment, while simultaneously positioning ourselves well to respond to changes in the future.

It’s a concept with which we are familiar. We’ve done it for more than 110 years, during which time ‘Mater care’ has come to mean so much more than providing exceptional clinical care. It means providing holistic, and genuinely compassionate care to all whom we are privileged to serve.

Sean Hubbard, Chief Operating Officer, Mater Health

Posted: 12/12/2016 10:05:13 AM by News @ Mater | with 2 comments

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Hi Garth,

Thank you for your feedback. We will be in touch, as Sean is happy to answer your queries directly.

Warm regards,
1/02/2017 6:44:41 PM

Hi Sean, It would be great if I could understand more about the change and how this has been reflected through the Business Management structure. Is there someone I could get in contact with to discuss.
31/01/2017 9:08:01 PM

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