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Cancer patients Looking Good and Feeling Better

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cancer patients Looking Good and Feeling Better

Local cancer patients were the first to experience a Look Good Feel Better workshop at Mater Private Hospital Springfield on Monday 28 August.

Look Good Feel Better is a national support charity dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side effects caused by cancer treatment.

Queensland and Northern Territory Program Manager Gordana Pilgrim said the practical workshop covers skincare, make-up and headwear demonstrations.

“Our workshops include sessions on skincare techniques to alleviate symptoms including dryness and sallowness; make-up tips to help patients deal with concealing redness and drawing on eyebrows; and advice on headwear including scarf styling and wig selection,” said Ms Pilgrim.

 “Putting yourself in control of looking good is one of the simplest ways to boost your self-esteem and confidence while going through treatment.” 

Mater Cancer Care Centre Nurse Unit Manager Billy Jovanovic was thrilled to begin offering the program to cancer patients who live in the area.

“In chatting to patients in the past, I’ve found the Look Good Feel Better workshop leaves them with a change in outlook.  They feel a sense of control over their physical appearance which reflects in their emotional wellbeing.

“I think it’s great for our patients to meet others in a similar situation in a positive setting.  They not only receive practical support but have the opportunity to build friendships outside of a medical environment, which can only be positive while undergoing treatment.”

Maria Carr is one of a group of 14 patients who joined the first Look Good Feel Better workshop at Mater Cancer Care Centre Springfield.

 “I was interested in doing this when I was first diagnosed. Then while going through chemo I met a really nice lady and we’ve become great friends.  She was telling me about wanting to do the program and Billy told us it was starting at Springfield,” said Ms Carr.

“It's great that we can do this together, with someone who is going through the same experience as me.’”

Ms Carr travels into Mater Private Hospital Springfield regularly from Jimboomba for chemotherapy and radiation treatment, since being diagnosed with breast cancer in November last year.

“I’ve got the rest of this week and a bit of next week and then hopefully all of my treatment will be done!”

Ms Carr said despite feeling good about herself, there are some days that you can feel a bit down.

“It was great to meet other women going through cancer and chat with them about how they’re dealing with it. And to have people fussing over us… like the nursing angels at Mater Private Hospital Springfield.”

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