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Mater announces new Director Mater Private Hospital Springfield

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mater announces new Director Mater Private Hospital Springfield

Mater is pleased to welcome Justin Greenwell into the position of Director for Mater Private Hospital Springfield.

Justin has extensive healthcare experience in senior leadership positions, with his most recent appointment as General Manager of Healthscope’s Knox Private Hospital, the groups’ largest private hospital in the eastern and south eastern corridor of Melbourne.

For six years Justin sat on the Board of Directors at Adventist HealthCare in Sydney and has previously held positions as Director of Clinical Services and Midwifery at Victoria’s Epworth Healthcare and an Assistant Director of Clinical Services at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Justin has a considerable history of strong strategic leadership and management capability and we are truly excited to be welcoming him to lead Mater Private Hospital Springfield.  

Justin said he looks forward to building the team and their capabilities.

"Growing the managers is an important part of what I see happening in the next six to 12 months. The team has doubled since the original numbers and they need support as well, to grow as managers and as leaders.”

"I also want to be really focused on the patient and their outcomes, based on the patient care we provide.

"The number one thing we do here is provide a great patient experience; caring for our patients and their families in the way we would expect if it was us."

Justin will play a key role in the continued development of Springfield Health City to ensure that Mater has a comprehensive approach and continued commitment to building a healthy community, to match the ‘master planning’ of the city.

"The community need is there and we need to keep moving forward.

"You just have to look around Springfield to see that so much is going on, and being part of Springfield, we need to keep growing, not only the team, but the physical building and the capability of what we do here.”

Justin says he is excited to work in a role and a facility with such a close connection to the community.

"There are so many careers where you can help others, but I felt nursing was the best fit for me for the hands-on work and the impact you can have on others. I am really passionate about providing great patient care and the impact it has on people's lives."

*Photo courtesy Queensland Times

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