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Mater Private Hospital Springfield’s 10 000th operation

Friday, 16 June 2017

Mater Private Hospital Springfield’s 10 000th operation

Mater Private Hospital Springfield has performed more than 10 000 operations since opening in October 2015.

Director Justin Greenwell said the milestone cements Mater’s role in building a healthy community at Greater Springfield. 

“We’re proud to provide the Springfield community with access to some of Queensland’s leading doctors in our state-of-the-art hospital. Since opening, the hospital has treated many local patients who would have otherwise had to travel all the way into Brisbane for treatment.”

John Stanley from Bellbird Park was admitted by Dr Stuart Philip for day surgery on Thursday 14 June, bringing Mater Private Hospital Springfield’s operation count up to 10 000.

“When they told me it was the 10 000th operation, I thought my daughter was calling to have a go at me for sure,” Mr Stanley said.

“I’m 76 and I’ve had nothing wrong with me.  I’ve had a good run. A few broken bones and that’s about it. But I’m glad I’m in here now. I feel wonderful—a million times better than I did when I arrived this morning.

“I live about ten minutes away so it’s easy to get to this hospital. I think the Mater has done a fantastic job and I’m more than delighted.”

Mater Private Hospital Springfield performs an average of 32 operations per day, with the team having performed up to 67 operations per day.

“We have 40 private doctors across our medical and surgical specialities, which has increased from an initial 14 doctors on opening,” said Mr Greenwell.

Medical and surgical specialities include dermatology, gastroenterology, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology, general medicine, general surgery, gynaecology, haematology, medical oncology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial, orthopaedics, plastics and reconstructive, radiation oncology, rehabilitation, respiratory, urology and vascular.

“The team has performed hundreds of types of operations with some of the most common including cataract, endoscopy, arthroscopy, tonsillectomy, various plastics and total knee and hips replacements.”

“To ensure the high level of care on which we pride ourselves, our staff base has also increased from 101 employees on opening, to 260 employees.”

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Director Justin Greenwell and Nursing Director Suzanne Hawksley both joined the team at Springfield this year and are excited about the future of the hospital.

“The community is always very interested in future stages of Mater Private Hospital Springfield and we are so grateful for their support. As the Greater Springfield community grows, the hospital and our services will continue to grow to meet the demand.”

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