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Mater People recognised with Mercy Week Awards

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mater People recognised with Mercy Week Awards

Mater People have been recognised for living the Mater values and greatly contributing to exceptional care at this year’s Mercy Week Awards.

The 2016 Mercy Week Mission Award individual winner is Scott Anderson, Administration Coordinator – Clinic Services and the team award winner is Mater Centre for Neurosciences Advanced Epilepsy Service.

Scott was nominated by two different people who believe he is well known and loved by Mater patients and staff alike.

“Scott treats all, regardless of role or status, with respect, dignity and acceptance and willingly goes beyond the boundaries of a role description to ensure that the best that can be done, gets done,” the nominator said.

“Whether it is words of encouragement for a burdened colleague or connecting teams to facilitate outcomes, Scott achieves results by bringing out the best in all.

“Scott provides us a wonderful example of living the Mater Values through his daily actions and interactions,” the nominator said.

Scott said he was overwhelmed to win the award.

“I’m just extremely humbled. I feel like others deserved it more than me!” Scott said.

When asked what the award meant for his work, Scott said he’ll just keep going in the Mission spirit and continue the work of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Epilepsy Service commenced just over 12 months ago and in that time has experienced enormous growth.  The team was nominated for their approach towards each patient admitted into their care.

“All patients, no matter what their situation are treated with the utmost respect and compassion,” the nominator said.

“The team will always come up with a plan for the patients―no matter what the findings―whether it's a change in medication, further investigation with stereotactic EEG, surgery to remove the affected lobe of the brain, or referral to the movement/functional disorders clinic.

“There are no egos in the team―all are very humble with the amazing work they are doing and this team is changing lives for the better on a weekly basis,” the nominator said.

Epileptologist Dr Sasha Dionisio said receiving this award was overwhelming and amazing.

“It’s a great honour to win―we’ve only been around for a short time yet we’ve made a massive impact on so many people’s lives―every member of this team is phenomenal!” Dr Dionisio said.

“We love what we do. This is not a job. We all celebrate as a team, especially when we can do surgery and help people, we feel the pain when we can’t do surgery―but we don’t stop, and that’s the beautiful thing.”

The Mercy Awards are held each year as part of Mater’s Mercy Week to celebrate Mater’s identity and the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy. Celebrations coincide with Mercy Day (24 September)—the day Catherine McAuley established the House of Mercy in Dublin in 1827—before founding the Sisters of Mercy four years later.

Mater’s Group Director of Mission Leadership Madonna McGahan said Mercy Week was an important acknowledgement of Mater People and their commitment to its Mission and Values—Mercy, Dignity, Care, Commitment and Quality.

“Catherine McAuley —the woman who started the Sisters of Mercy story—had an incredible vision to deliver exceptional care to all people and we continue to build on this legacy today at Mater thanks to its dedicated employees and volunteers.

“The Mercy Awards provide an opportunity for Mater People to reflect on the great work that their colleagues do and acknowledge their contribution to delivering exceptional care to patients,” Ms McGahan said.

Ms McGahan said the Mercy Awards were a great example of maintaining Mater’s Mercy heritage and identity.

“Scott and the Epilepsy Service team show that the Mercy spirit is alive at Mater in 2016,” she said.

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