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Mater Aged Care in an Emergency

Mater Aged Care in an Emergency (MACIAE) is a service dedicated to supporting aged care facility (ACF) residents, their families, facility carers and general practitioners (GPs), with the goal of providing a seamless care transition between primary and teriary sectors in order to ensure the highest and safest standard of care with the utmost compassion and dignity.

MACIAE provides:

  • 24 hour telephone clinical access and support to GPs, nurses and staff in the aged care community
  • Central point of coordinated care planning for aged care residents admitted through the Mater Hospital Brisbane Adult Emergency Department
  • Access to Mater outpatient specialist appointment via Telehealth (GP referral required)
  • Educational support for aged care facilities on a needs basis

MACIAE clinical coordinator: Sophie Shrapnel

Telephone: 07 3163 6684 8 am-4 pm Monday to Friday