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Mater Shared Electronic Health Record

Mater Shared Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic alternative to the paper hand-held Pregnancy Health Record or “blue book”. It allows pregnant women, General Practitioners (GPs) and private obstetricians to collaborate with Mater Mothers’ Hospitals in a safe online environment on a woman’s maternity information. With real-time exchange of information, Mater Shared EHR gives quick, secure access to patients and providers alike in order to improve patient care. Mater Shared EHR is only available for maternity care at this time.

For pregnant women

Pregnant women are able to access their Mater Shared EHR via Mater Patient Portal. Through Mater Patient Portal women are also able to lodge admission forms online and view tailored healthcare information such as Mater Mothers’ Hospitals brochures and credible external links. 

For more information about Mater Patient Portal and registering for Mater Shared EHR, please click the button below.

Mater Patient Portal

For healthcare providers

Through Mater Doctor Portal, GPs and private obstetricians can view their patients’ electronic maternity record. This record contains consolidated information sourced from Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, the pregnant woman, and her other Mater Shared EHR participating healthcare providers. 

External healthcare providers can also contribute to a woman’s Mater Shared EHR from their desktop using their Genie practice system, or through the PEN Computer Systems PrimaryCareSidebar tool for Best Practice and Medical Director. 

For more information about Mater Doctor Portal and participating in Mater Shared EHR, please click the button below.

Mater Doctor Portal


If you have any questions about Mater Shared EHR, please email or call 1800 228 470